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Sweet Nothings

"Amazing! My senior photos turned out so beautiful! I'm in love with them all. Jana is amazing!"-Emily B.

"Jana did an excellent job on our family photos and we enjoyed the experience!"- Trudi F.

"Jana you did the most amazing photo session of our Grandchildren! They are not just ' PHOTO'S ' but actual keepsakes we will treasure! I appreciated your professionalism and your timeliness getting these treasures back to us! I would highly recommend Jana to capture your memories !! Thank you again!" - Kerri

"A big thanks to Jana's Creations for my wedding photos. Not only did you capture the day in beautiful pictures, but also the personalities of people in them. I will definitely call you again for any and all occasions. Thanks Again! Phil & Sue McDonald"

"Jana's work is brilliant! Whether it be her kids, nature or creative and artsy Christmas photos, she's a master! In fact, I have two of her photos framed and up on my office wall...You can't go wrong with Jana!!!"-Jay I.

"Jana captures the emotional feel of each picture, not only of the subject of the shot, but in the way she mixes each one with the perfect background."- Tim S.

"Jana is such a true talent, she doesn't just capture photos...she captures memories!" Kristi G.

"Beautiful photography!! Jana has a style all her own."- Trevor W.

"Very gifted photographer! She has a keen eye, making her subjects as beautiful as possible!" James A

"This isn't just photography, it's something Jana's gifted in. You can trust her to help capture those memories you want to remember forever." Angie

"Jana's work is amazing her pictures are the best I have ever seen definitely a very talented lady" Shelly P.

"Jana has an amazing talent and it shows in all her pictures!" Diana

"Jana's photography is so natural. She takes advantage of her surroundings to compliment her subjects." Linda F

"Reasons to use Jana's Creations:
- Excellent capture of iconic moments
- Excellent capture of emotions
- Excellent composition
- Excellent story telling through her images
- Excellent capture of details that normally remain unseen
- Leaves your imagination to complete the story
- Extremely unique in her final product
- Extremely unique in her perspective"- Felix E

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