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What to wear

What to wear guide

{ I schedule my sessions to take advantage of the best lighting for our area. This means sessions just a few hours before sunset.  I feel that is the most gorgeous light and creates the most beautiful of  images. }

First off,  you need to choose a "color scheme". You will want to coordinate, but not match. 
The days of white T-shirts and jeans photos are over. Not to mention that white tends to wash people out. I suggest not having white as a main color but maybe as an accessory, or to accent another color. 

**Avoid anything with characters and logos on them**  

Layers! Layering can add so much fun to a photo. Think vest, cardigans, scarves, belts, etc. Accessories can be lots of fun, but don't let it overwhelm the photos. YOU need to be the focus. Not the accessories. 

{You will want to remove wristwatches and any type of jewelry that does not go with the outfit of choice before the session.}

Wear what you feel good in. :) Trust me, if you chose an outfit you are not comfortable in, it will most likely show in the photos just how much you dislike the apparel. 

 Shoes are a very important part of the wardrobe. You can have the kids in the most adorable little outfits and ruin it with a pair of Disney character shoes. Try to steer clear of character shoes, flip flops, and crocs.  My suggestions would be Mary Janes, Toms, Vans, Boots, Rain boots, Leather sandals...
Even bare feet are better than the bottoms of shoes. (Weather permitting of course) ;) 


Have fun!  

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