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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A year has passed....

One year ago, you came into our life. And each day since that time our days only got better. You, baby girl have been such a blessing to our family. I can't even count the ways you brighten each and every day for your daddy and I. Your brothers and sisters adore you and you adore them. You know you have them wrapped around your chubby little fingers and you use that to its fullest potential. You LOVE to be carried around, in FACT you expect it. I am not sure you will ever learn to walk when there are so many willing to carry you around. ;)  You still are not sleeping through the night....but I really think this is a habit of yours. You have such a beautiful soul, even though you are only a year old, your soul is already beautiful. I love the way you raise your chubby little arms in the air at church during praise and worship...swaying back and forth, your little body dancing for Jesus. My dreams for you are that you grow up to be a happy, strong God loving girl. A girl that loves the Lord and all He has to offer you. Stay true. Stay honest. The world can be a very rough place baby girl..but with His love and our shelter you can conquer it. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY ASHLYNN NOEL. 12~18~12


  1. How about a late "Happy BIRD Day" Ashlynn!

    (I'm catching up on my comments)


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