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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out of focus and imperfect....

These are out of focus with a chopped off head here and there...BUT I love them anyways because they are of (One) of my sweet girls and I. You will rarely find me in a photo, but these I will cherish forever.... :) I got a remote for my camera and we were "practicing".... ♥ Sometimes its the imperfections in life that make it perfect.
♥ ;)


  1. I ♥ them too!

    (but it's sometimes hard to leave comments here
    with this 'prove you're not a robot' codes...
    Hard to see the letters and numbers!)

    1. After digging deeply trying to shut it off, I guess this feature is with the new blogger format. I am unable sto shut it off. :( I'm sorry...

  2. I will try and fix that. ;) And THANKS!

  3. Yeah! don't like those word verification deals. But one does get some spam comments occasionally.


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