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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little bird and the love of fuzz.....

Its that time of year again around here.. the time when many birds hit our VERY large windows. This sweet little bird hit our window this morning. Thankfully she survived. But before she regained her composure she had to be passed around and inspected by first these precious chubby little hands and then by older sisters gentle hands who exclaimed "She's gonna be ok right mama?" Yes she was...within an hour of resting in the bathroom we set her free to fly up to a nearby tree. ♥

Give a baby a piece of FUZZ and it will keep her busy for quite a bit of time. She found a scrap of dog hair and decided it was as good as a feather. :) Look at that precious smooshed up face as she blows! ♥


  1. Sweet little Pine Siskin. We had a fatality here with one, Stanley Oliver was put in the dog house :(

    Love the blowing of the feather.


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