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Monday, May 27, 2013


Time?....honestly, where does it go? So quickly it has passed. Little Autumn Faith, our joy, heart, little pixie..we love you so much! Five years has passed and you have changed and blossomed into a VERY rambunctious little "Princess". You are everything girly we could ever have imagined. I don't believe there is even an ounce of Tom Boy in you. Your favorite color is yellow, if you can have it in anything you request it. You love fairies and Disney Princesses.... You are definitely our most hyper of children, BUT that is what makes YOU ..YOU! We wouldn't change it for anything. You have such a kind, sweet, heart and love to snuggle. Thank you for being such a joy to your mommy and daddy. We love you so much little girl. HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!!!


  1. Love the colors! So many cute ones. Love the ones at at the old school house. Happy 5th Bird Day Autumn!

  2. Autumn says "say thank you" ;)


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