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Monday, July 22, 2013

A month around our home....

Well it's been a month already since the birth of our sweet Angelina Grace. She is such a good, soft tempered baby girl. As you can see from these photos taken over the last month, she is well loved and has grown and changed a bit already. She has filled a place in our hearts, and we all love her to bits and pieces. Thank you Lord again, for another precious gift. She is a blessing and we give you all the glory. ♥ Our month has been full of swimmers and ice cream eaters, baby feedings, cuddles and even an 80's dress up moment. And I, myself, celebrated a Birthday! And as you can see from these photos... I LOVE ME SOME BABY FEET!! :)

This is the AMAZING Dr. that brought her into this world. I couldn't have asked for a better one. I have had others, but he by far was the most caring. Thank you Dr. H! 

 Did I mention I LOVE baby feet????


  1. First month has just flown by! She looks to be another lil' red to me. Sweet as could be, and all Davila, of course!

    1. ;) I think her hair could go either way.. It def has red in it..but I also see blonde. Autumn is rooting for blonde as she wants a "twin" she says :)


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