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Monday, November 11, 2013

Logan...Senior~ 2014

I don't want to say the old cliche' of how I can't believe all this time has passed. But really. I cant! Looking back on his Kindergarten photos of when I followed the bus to school, and snapped some pictures of him getting off the bus. {He looked so little coming off that giant yellow thing}... Him carrying his backpack on his back that seemed to envelope him, to now, a young man that presently stands much taller than his father and I.  The years,they slipped on by and now he is a senior. Honestly, his dad and I can both say what a great kid he is. God has done some amazing things through and for our son. Time passes quickly, but we are excited to see what the future brings for him. Thank you Logan, and thank you God for blessing us with such a wonderful kid~ {By the way...check out the delicious sky! If that isn't a gorgeous fall sunset sky I don't what is!} :)  { Seniors, its not too late to get your senior photos done!! Contact me today }


  1. Got enough of his Mom in him to look good! ;)

  2. Gorgeous golden colors! Nice looking young man. I wish Beau would let me do more, but he ain't having none of it! Hard to believe our little 3rd graders at Loon Lake School are now getting ready to graduate!

    1. Thanks Sherrie :) It's very hard to believe!


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