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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1 years young! Cake Smash!

Nope! I can  not believe it myself, but our little muffin has turned one already. She is such a little ray of sunshine. Only 2 bottom teefers still and she finally pulled herself up to a standing position only a few days before her first birthday. That is what happens I guess when you're carried around so much. {My take on these things.. I have yet to see a 5 yr old that couldn't walk...each in their own time} ;) Her favorite food is STRAWBERRIES!! She LOVE LOVE LOVES them and will eat them at every meal if we allow it. :) Her favorite person in the world is her daddy, she wants no one else when he is home.. followed by big brother Cole and big sister Ana :) We had a big celebration for her with about 35 friends and family attending her party held at our church. There was a puppet show, snow cones, a slip and slide and just a lot of fun all around. The party girl tuckered out before she could even get to her Birthday cake and gifts! (Those photos coming later) Be sure and check out the cake smash photos towards bottom of post.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BABY GIRL! 

 Notice the bee in this photo... she is telling the bee that it can NOT have her flower! :)


  1. Nice! Pure beauty. Thanks for sharing, I'll have a better day now :) Have a nice day too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. Jana,
      You made my day, what a beautiful baby. You are so talented, wow loved these pictures it going to be hard to pick out just one.



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