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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Strong willed, yet so sweet......

Our 2.5 year old is such a strong-willed child. More so than any of the others. She has pushed me further, yet taught me more as a mother than any of the others. I often have to stop, breath, and ask the Lord to lead me. I know he has placed this precious, and rare being in my care for a reason. I often refer to her as my "Humility Child", because that is one of the lessons God has taught me with her. Where one thing worked with one child in the form of discipline, it does not always work with another. Even with her temper tantrums, her "NO's!", her meltdowns, determinations, demands, and every other quirky moods she may have, I would not trade her for anything. She has shown me more than any therapist or Dr could have. Love, and pure, over the top appreciation for the task I have in raising this strong-spirited beautiful little girl. Today I came across a prayer from another mom of a couple strong willed kiddo's. It spoke volumes to me. I thought I would share it here. {And as soon as I get ink for my printer, this is getting framed as a daily reminder to ME!} :) 
You can find her blog here We are that Family
She LOVES the chickens... (the little scuff mark on her pretty little face is from a baby goat. Those little guys are rough!}

"God, You gave me a strong girl.  She is a gift. You and I both know, this is a hard calling. Please help me not to crush her determined spirit with all my rules and regulations. You created her to color outside the lines, give me the courage to let her. Channel her determination into purpose. Turn her stubbornness into pliable willingness to say yes to You.  Teach her to yield her steadfast spirit and help me to let go of what doesn’t matter. I need help mothering:  Show me how to look past the attitude and see a pure heart. Lead me to look for the good and appreciate the crazy. Instead of controlling her, teach me to empower her. And instead of drawing a line in the sand and demanding my way, remind me that this little girl is a whole lot like me. Oh, and see what You did there. Most of all, teach all of us how to follow you. Amen."~ Kristen 


  1. You are so good at capturing the personalities of children. So very sweet yet you can see her wee bit stinker .Very nice

  2. Adorable! Your lil girls and the chickens reminds me of Jillian when she was maybe two or three. She loved hanging with the chickens in Gramma and Grampa's chicken coop! Then when she was older, 8 or 10, their neighbors let her 'have' one of their fancy Rooster's when she would come to their house. What was his name?


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